Innovative Educational Websites – From the 2017 Webby Awards

I wanted to share a few of the amazing websites from this year’s Webby Awards, which are given out annually to the sites that are the most innovative, visually appealing, and have the best user experience.


The sites listed below are of particular interest to educators and students:


Needless to say, combining futuristic endeavors with historical and other educational content emboldens our sense of wonderment, engages our senses, and gives us a reason to get lost. How we learn is evolving with technology, and the sites above are testaments to that. “It’ll soon shake your windows and rattle your walls, For the times they are a-changing.”


Check out all of the sites that were given awards this year as there are some masterful examples of the growth of the Internet. (I got lost in these sites for more hours than I would like to admit.)