Participants of the Ludlow Field Experience gather in front of the Ludlow Memorial.

The Ludlow Experience

In collaboration with History Colorado, the Denver Post, and Colorado Newspapers in Education, TPS at MSU Denver completed a special professional development series for teachers of grades 4-12 that focused on the 100th anniversary of the Ludlow Massacre.  Participants of the series utilized newspapers and primary sources to examine the event from multiple viewpoints.  Through exploration of the 1914 incident, participants critically evaluated influences from a variety of media and developed informed ideas about the roles of immigration, multiculturalism, unions, and labor relations during the time of Ludlow and compared them with today’s society.

Ludlow Experience
Participants of the Ludlow Massacre Experience review primary sources during the Classroom Experience Workshop at the History Colorado Center

The Ludlow Massacre series was conducted in four parts:  A multi-part Google Hangout Experience series featuring discussions with historians, professors, curators and experts,  a Classroom Experience Workshop held at the History Colorado Center that provided classroom-ready teaching materials focusing on primary sources and educational opportunities, a Field Experience where nearly forty participants rode a bus to the actual site where the Ludlow Massacre occurred, and included a tour of the El Pueblo History Museum and the burial site for many of the victims, and finally a Social Media Experience conducted through the TPS Teachers Network.

Participants found the series to be helpful and engaging, and many plan to begin utilizing the information learned through the events in their classrooms immediately.  One series participant described their overall experience and the professional development gained through the series by saying, “I loved that it was so well organized. I loved that we saw all aspects of the massacre (saw the site, the cemetery, the museum exhibit, had Prof. Andrews along to tell us everything we wanted to know, got our hands on primary sources, talked about how we would use them). I feel like an EXPERT now and I’m using what I learned in my classroom tomorrow!”

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