National History Day Educator Workshop (September 2013)

For a second year running, TPS MSU Denver collaborated with National History Day in Colorado to offer a two-day educator workshop at the History Colorado Center in downtown Denver. This year we took a slightly different approach, offering participants a variety of breakout sessions to meet their diverse needs. Sessions such as History Day 101 and Dig Deeper: Advanced LOC Search Strategies were offered. The objectives of the training aimed at helping educators learn:

  • The benefits of—and how to—incorporate History Day in your classroom
  • How to navigate & use the Library of Congress primary source collections in instruction
  • How to create basic inquiry-based learning experiences
  • How to include Colorado history topics in History Day instruction and in your classroom

The first day focused on a bevy of Library of Congress material. It began with a mystery photo analysis activity aimed at getting participants engaged in asking their own questions and understand the power of primary sources.  A tour of the Library of Congress homepage and Teachers Page followed, with emphasis on the universal search capabilities, which offers an efficient way to begin researching, especially for National History Day topics. A detailed overview of National History Day project requirements followed, presented by Kendra Black and Stacey Pendleton from National History Day in Colorado.

A highlight of the first day was keynote speaker Wes Brown, who gave a humorous and enlightening presentation on maps of North America and Colorado and the politics behind their creation.

The second day was all about specific content. A multitude of breakout sessions were offered. A highlight of the sessions was TPS Facilitators Keith Patterson and Cindy Stout presentation on Historic Americans Newspapers, which you can review in wiki form here. Keith and Cindy also presented with Taylor Kendal for a session called “Dig Deeper with Advanced Library of Congress Search Strategies“, which offered a variety of ways to get better results for searches throughout the Library of Congress website. A few other breakout sessions included, “Eat Your Heart Out Ken Burns! The Documentary Category”, “Team Teaching with National History Day”, and “From Good to Great: Strengthening Analysis in History Day Projects”.

Once again, the partnership between TPS MSU Denver and National history Day in Colorado was a major success. We look forward to seeing some of the student projects that are sure to follow!

More pictures from the workshop.