Casper Workshop Photo

Wyoming Regional Workshops – National History Day (August 2012)

Sandwiched in between two local Colorado Springs workshops was a regional event in the state of Wyoming which consisted of two separate 2-day workshops focusing on inquiry and National History Day, and its topic for this year, “Turning Points in History: People, Ideas, Events”. Over twenty participants attended the first event, held in Casper on August 6-7, and another 16 were in attendance on August 20-21 in Cheyenne.  These workshops became a reality through collaborative efforts with various faculty from the University of Wyoming College of Education, and Wyoming History Day coordinator Dick Kean, and provided the perfect platform for bringing TPS into Wyoming.

Along with two full days of TPS content and activities, the Wyoming teachers were treated to a special presentation by Associate Director of the American Heritage Center, Rick Ewig.  Rick provided an excellent overview of some local digital archives, which provided teachers a wonderful variety and balance with the previously explored Library of Congress collections.

Rick also took teachers through an activity in exploring the inaccuracies of Hollywood, and showed how primary sources often offer an opposing view that allows for a more encompassing understanding of an event/person.  He used the movie, Hidalgo (2004) and the story of Frank Hopkins, along with an array of primary sources from the American Heritage Center, allowing teachers to build their own understanding of many misrepresented scenes in the movie.  Go ahead and do your own research on Frank T. Hopkins and see what you find.  Does the movie make mention of the fact that Frank was also a skilled diver?