TLD 2012

TLD 2012: Primary Passion Rescheduled

TPS-Colorado regretfully had to cancel Teacher Librarian Day 2012 on February 3; the Colorado weather simply got the better of us. Fortunately, this cancellation may bring new opportunity for anyone available on Thursday, March 8, 2012.

Too much planning went into this event to let it go, so we reached out to our presenters, and nearly all of them were available for the new date! Sorry to those unable to make this rescheduled date, but we hope this also brings some renewed anticipation for some. The venue has changed, we will now be in the Tivoli Turnhalle on the Auraria Campus, but we still have some very special guests attending that you won’t want to miss! Register now to reserve your seat for the rescheduled TLD on March 8, 2012! Many original speakers still confirmed, including:

  • Colorado State Historian – Bill Convery
  • Author & Public Speaker – Jeff Vankooten – Jeff’s Website
  • Special Collections Librarian at the Denver Public Library – Wendel Cox
  • The Primary Source Librarian – Mary Johnson – Mary’s Blog 
  • Teen Tech Guru – Dave Moyer – Dave’s Website 
  • Director of the Council on 21st Century Learning – Stevan Kalmon