Teachers Teaching Teachers on Twitter

I came across an article on Finding Dulcinea.  It’s a valuable blog post from the NY Times on the power of Twitter for educators.  It goes into a bit of detail on how to follow hashtags as well as create your own.  I definitely learned some stuff from it.  There’s also a Q&A with educators who created some of the most vibrant educated-related hash tags.

A few quotes below.

Each week, thousands of teachers participate in scheduled Twitter “chats” around a particular subject area or type of student. Math teachers meet on Mondays, for instance, while science discussions happen on Tuesdays, new teachers gather on Wednesdays and teachers working with sixth graders meet Thursdays.

By using hashtags — that is, words or phrases preceded by the # symbol, like “#Scichat” for science educators — users can organize, search and find messages on a particular topic all in one place.

For instance, as I write this, an English teacher could dip into the #Engchat stream and find a link to a list of five-minute grammar lessons, a query about how to use stations in literature classes, and a note from a high school teacher about how she did a rap for her sophomores on reading strategies to the tune of “Ice, Ice Baby.”

Read the entire blog post here.

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